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General questions
UpOff was established so you as owners can preserve your hard earned equity. The way real estate brokerage has existed for years is to charge the buyers and sellers 6% commission. Just because the seller foots the bill doesn't mean you as the buyer aren't also paying those fees. UpOff's mission is to put as much of the equity back into your pocket as possible.

When you use UpOff to list your house we charge you only 1/2% commission. This is 83% less than the industry standard. On a $500,000 house that would save you $12,500 in commission, which goes straight into your pocket.

When you use UpOff to purchase a house we rebate 50% of our commission. On a $500,000 house that would put an additional $7,500 in your pocket.
No, absolutely not. Money will never be asked for up front, you will only pay at closing. We will pay for all signage, photographs, lockboxes and centralized showing service.
Yes, UpOff is a Licensed Real Estate Brokerage in the State of Texas. This gives us the ability to operate in the entire state, although right now we concentrate on the DFW Market.
Right now UpOff is concentrating on the DFW market. We are licensed to operate in the entire state of Texas however, so if you have particular needs outside of the DFW area please contact us to go over specifics as we would love to help you anyway we can.
We are a Full Service Real Estate Brokerage just like Berkshire Hathaway, Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, Remax, etc. Other than that we are completely different. Our entire mission is to change the way buying and selling real estate is conducted, so we can preserve as much of your equity as possible. In today's real estate environment charging 6% to sell a house is completely unnecessary. We understand that buyer's today are so well connected they are conducting much of the grunt work in locating potential houses. The market is so robust that houses are literally selling themselves. Our goal is to return as much as that equity back to you the owner.
We are a full service real estate brokerage, and will take care of all paperwork. We will work directly with you, the buying and selling agents, and the title company to ensure a smooth and timely closing.
Many buyers and sellers do, however not everyone knows about UpOff. Some just believe it's too good to be true or are too brainwashed by 6% real estate agents. Any informed, knowledgeable seller would never list with a 6% real estate agent. If you are happy with our service we would appreciate you spreading the word.
When you buy a home with a traditional commissioned agent, 3% of the purchase price ($18,000 on a $600,000 house) goes to pay the buyer's agent. We offer as a rebate to the client, 50% of this commission. So on a $600,000 home you would receive $9,000 at closing. On a $900,000 home you would receive $13,500.
Yes, in most states, including Texas this is perfectly legal. The IRS and the DOJ have both ruled on this. The DOJ views this as competition and actually encourages it.

DOJ Link Talking About Rebates
No, the IRS deems this an adjustment to the purchase price of the home, therefore rebates are not considered income and not taxable.

A recent IRS ruling which states that a rebate we provide you will not be considered income, but rather a lowering of the purchase price: DOJ Link Talking About Rebates that certain commissions received by real estate brokers that were passed along to their home-buying clients were neither reportable payments to the brokers nor gross income to the clients.
Selling Questions
UpOff charges just 1/2% of the selling price. As an example if your home sells for $500,000 the total commission you would pay to list it is just $2,500. This would save you $12,500 versus using a traditional broker to list your house.

In addition to the .5% we highly recommend you offer the buyer's agent 3% commission. So the total amount you will pay is 3.5%.

There is a Minimum listing fee of $1,500. So any home under $300,000 will incur the minimum fee.
Absolutely Not.

UpOff will pay for professional pictures, provide a supra lockbox, pay for listing services and provide a for sale sign.

Not only do we not require any money up front, we also will not contractually hold you to a listing, you can cancel anytime.
Once we have all the documents back from you, and we have arrived at a listing price we can get you showing up on MLS almost immediately.
Contact us so we can briefly discuss your needs. Once we have discussed your specifics, decided on the price, and recieved all filled out and signed forms, we can get your home listed.
Yes, we will provide and place a Supra Lockbox on your front door or other applicable location.
We use to handle all showings of your home. This allows you to control who is able to visit and show your home. You will have full control over the approval of all showings.
Yes, with your permission we will place a for sale sign in the yard of your home.
When homes are priced correctly, Our success rate is 100%. If your home is priced correctly it will sell.
We will prepare a current market analysis report for you. The report will contain detailed information on currently listed and in escrow comparable properties to yours and also recent sold history in your area. We will also share our opinion of the best price based upon the condition of the property etc. Ultimately, it is the seller who decides where to price their property for the market.
It is posted directly in MLS for agents to see.
Ideally no. In some cases, when your home price is well over $1,000,000 you can start considering lowering the commission offered to the buyer's agent. Most homes, even the upper tier ones offer 3% to the buyer's agent. With that said, in most cases offering 3% is the correct way to go.
Yes, unless your house is under contract, you can cancel at anytime.
We will need all applicable information about your property to list it on MLS, such as house size, dimensions, description, etc.
UpOff will pay HomeSnappers to take professional pictures of your house.
Yes, we can help you sell any type of property, including land and ranches.
Absolutely We Can, we can help you sell any type of real estate. Please contact us to go over specific details.
Yes, all the time. In fact we too are investors, builders, and developers. We can help increase your bottom line, and offer vital advice along the way.
Buying Questions
UpOff rebates 50% of the commission back to the buyer at closing. For example if you are buying a $500,000 home, typically the commission is $15,000. So in this case you would receive $7,500 back at closing.

In some cases Seller's also offer Agent Bonuses. If a bonus is offered we will also give you 50% of that.
No. You are not contractually obligated to use our services. We are confident that we will provide you with such great savings and service that you will voluntarily do business with us.
Certainly. However, if you are shopping for a new home, DO NOT register at any development before calling us. We will contact the office at any site you are interested in and find out the procedure for registering our office as your agent.
Yes, all the time. In fact we too are investors, builders, and developers. We can help increase your bottom line, and offer vital advice along the way.
We will provide you with a very detailed market analysis report so you can make the best decision on how much to offer any seller. There are different sources of information available that we can share with you to make sure that your purchase offer is an educated one.
Absolutely. You could place your property on the market taking advantage of our 1/2% listing fee and collect a 50% commission rebate when buying your next property.
In order to be able to place an offer on any property and be able to collect the 50% commission rebate through us, as you visit each open house or come into contact with other realtors, please let them know that you do already have a realtor representing you in any purchase transaction. Otherwise other realtors may claim that they in fact showed you the property first and therefore they are entitled to the whole commission.
Typically no. If you are a buyer and you are going to use FHA for your financing they typically will not allow the rebate. In these situations we can work with the seller and see if they will reduce the purchase price of the house instead by the rebate amount. It would still give them the same amount at closing, so often they have no problem with it.

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